Current neuropsychological testing is mostly restricted to getting cognitive ‘snapshots’ of clinical clients or research participants. Such cross-sectional data collection is tried and tested over many decades but limits cognitive performance evaluation on several levels:

  • Testing limited to one or few testing sessions
  • Very large resources needed to test larger cohorts of people
  • Difficult to follow cognitive profile of people over time
  • Normative data only available for small samples from specific cultural and educational backgrounds
  • Standardisation of testing sessions across time and people difficult to monitor


Technological advances make it now possible to measure cognitive profiles online. Therefore people are less restricted of testing clients or participants only once in a clinical practice or a cognitive testing lab. Instead, online testing allows:

  • Measuring cognition at any place with internet connectivity, including a clinical practice, a research lab, participants home or off-site
  • Establishing cognitive profiles of people before they come in for a clinical or research appointment
  • Longitudinal tracking of cognition to allow better establishment of general cognitive status quo, decline or improvement
  • Collection of large normative data sets to take into account cultural and educational differences across clients and cohorts
  • Standardised way to administer cognitive testing over time and in many people


Our company can provide you with an online platform which allows cognitive testing of clinical clients and research participants on a very cost-effective basis. Our platform allows:

  • Use of standard existing neuropsychological paradigms
  • Complete customisation of test batteries
  • Complete customisation of test variables
  • Assessment of clients and participants cross-sectionally and longitudinally
  • Online dashboard for clinicians to create a quick cognitive profile of clients, which can also be exported as a report for clinical files
  • Complete access to raw data, including trial-by-trial data, for researchers
  • Scaling online testing from single clients to thousands of participants